Best Ways to Slay In a Jumpsuit

Best Ways to Slay In a Jumpsuit

Everyone loves jumpsuits! The all-in-one garment, without any doubt, gives you a stunning look. But when it comes to wearing a jumpsuit, you probably can’t help but wonder – how to wear a jumpsuit. Wearing different styles of jumpsuits? Is it okay towear a jumpsuit in the workplace? And the questions keep going on in one’s head.

To tell you the truth, it is always not an easy thing to try on. But if you pay a little more attention, you can get that chic look. That’s why we have come up with a guide to help you make sure you wear your jumpsuit oh-so-well.

Know What You Need

First thing first, consider your needs when going out to buy a jumpsuit. It is available in a wide variety. So, make sure to find the right one for you as per the need and occasion. Ask yourself – do you need a strapless style to beat the heat, or will a long sleeve jumpsuit combat the cold weather? Are you looking for a casual jumpsuit to pull off in the daytime or something classy for a dinner date? Once you know what you need, you will end up finding the best one.

Just so you know, if you are vertically challenged, opt for a slim, cropped style to avoid looking swamped. Ladies with a tall height must go for wide-leg jumpsuits to have a flattering look.

Formal Jumpsuits

When it comes to a formal occasion, women always go for a dress. Wearing a dress feels familiar and safe, but a jumpsuit has its voguish effects. Jumpsuits are as appealing and tailored as any dress while leaving the eyes in admiration. So, step out of your comfort zone and widen your horizon for your next formal event. Wear a well-tailored and polished style jumpsuit that compliments your body. Also, don’t forget to add chic accessories to stand out in the crowd.

You can even wear a jumpsuit to work! Choose colors like black, white, and grey. Oh, and add a blazer, and you’re all set to go.

Casual Jumpsuits

Going to grab a Sunday brunch with someone special? Or hanging out with friends? Super comfortable, and sleek, casual jumpsuits are just so perfect for you. And it gives you that oh-so-chic look, too. Thus, the next time you plan a casual hangout, don’t get into your routine outfit of t-shirt and jeans. Instead, go for denim and cotton varieties to get the jumpsuit that compliments your style and comfort.

Besides, if you want to have flats with your casual jumpsuit, make sure to get a lace-up sandal or boots that match with the outfit. It will keep balance and make you look slim and lengthened.

Jumpsuit Accessories

The head-to-toe jumpsuit is only one piece of clothing, but you need to be careful about choosing its accessories. Because if you select the wrong accessories, it can turn your whole chic look into tasteless and sloppy. Make sure to pick accessories that match your jumpsuit.

Plan out your outfit, pay attention to jewelry shoes, and belt to slay at the event. The idea is to get accessories that highlight your outfit and break up the monotonous pattern simultaneously.  

Jumpsuit with Jewelry  

Jumpsuits are, without any doubt, a statement style. But it can sometimes look a little plain without bold accessories. To keep things stylish, choose jewelry that goes with your outfit as it is the secondary focal point. It will make your style go beyond that of just the jumpsuit. Choose jewelry items that will stand out and leave those around you in awe.

With large pendant earrings or chunky necklace, it can never go wrong. Funky, colorful jewelry will add some fun to casual jumpsuits whereas, gold looks great on formal jumpsuit style.  

Jumpsuit with Belts

Belts play a vital role in jumpsuit outfits, so if you’re unsure about your jumpsuit style or something feels missing, add a belt to it. It will make you look even slimmer and more stylish.

If you have never tried out a jumpsuit before, here’s the tip – wear a belt that is in contrast color of your jumpsuit. It will make your outfit look more attractive by adding a new element to it. Make sure to match the color of your belt with your shoes to have a perfect yourself outfit.

Jumpsuit with High Heels  

If you’re pondering over what types of shoes to go with a jumpsuit, let me help you. You should always go for the heelsunless it’s a casual jumpsuit for a Sunday brunch or beaching. In particular, women with average height look even smaller in low-waist and wide-leg jumpsuits. The best way to get rid of this issue is to add heels to your outfit. The increased height you get by wearing heels will help you look taller. Oh, and make sure to go for slim heels for a long and sleek look.


Layering is another way to look great while feeling comfortable. You can pull-off the jumpsuit style by adding a jacket on top of it. You can also wear a leather jacket for casual hangouts or blazer for formal events. Go for an everyday t-shirt in summer or turtle neck sweaters during winter to have an elegant look. It will define your body and make you stand out!


The last step to pull off your jumpsuit look is hairstyling. Although there aren’t any specific ways to do your hair, there are some basic factors. For formal jumpsuits, wearing your hair higher with a polished up-do tends to look great. Casual jumpsuits give the relaxed vibes, try having your hair down as it goes with the feeling of the outfit. Wear your hair in a low ponytail to reveal more skin around the shoulders and neck, that’s how casual jumpsuit hairstyle is supposed to be.

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